VV138-14 ‘FYFE’: Another Son of the great VV38-09. Producing a very exceptional line of progeny. Supreme Poll Dorset Ram at AS&WS 2015.

VV58-17 (Mitchell): Champion Ram NSW Dorset Championships and Champion Ram Australian Sheep and Wool Show. A T90/14 son. A very impressive young sire that over the years we hope will breed a sought after line of sons for our clients. 

VV493-18: One of Andrew’s favourites bred at Valley Vista, very impressive structure and balance, with topline and clean points that the Poll Dorset industry is after. 

VV64-18: Reserve junior champion at the Melbourne Royal as a lamb, which proves his early maturity and growth at a young age was impressive. A big, long ram. 

VV514-19: A son of TAT400-17, retained for structural correctness, this is his first crop of sons but keep an eye out over the years for many more as he has bred exceptionally well already. Low-birth weight sire. 

VV493-19: By SW250-27, this is another low-birth weight sire. He’s a clean pointed ram that has also bred exceptionally well in his first season at Valley Vista. 

VV86-20: Retained sire from the 2020-drop, son of Derrynock 33-18. A high indexing fast growing sire that was used as a ram lamb and kept on at Valley Vista after impressive results in the Bowan Park trial and lambs on the ground at Valley Vista. 

VV26-20: A Derrynock 33-18 son. Early maturing, heavy boned, high indexing sire which was used at Valley Vista as a ram lamb before being sold at our 2021 on-property sale. 

Tattykeel 90-14: Purchased to continue our Tattykeel family. Was an outstanding ram lamb weighing 85kg at 5 months old. Champion Ram Lamb Australasian Dorset Championships 2014.

Springwaters 66-16 (Pocock): Insert show history. Used as an AI sire to pack a punch, has bred deep carcase and heavy boned sons. 

Springwaters 250-17 (Taz): Has been a very impressive Sire producing a stylish, fast maturing very sound line of offspring. 

Tattykeel 400-17 (Martin): 1st June Drop Ram Australasian Dorset Championships. His line of sons in the sale will catch your eye and will suit both First-Cross and Merino operations. 

Derrynock 33-18: Purchased for $19,000 for his high indexing LambPlan data and impressive growth PEMD, and overall index. 

Hillden 110-19: AI Sire. Insert show history. Has produced sons with presence and length, worked very well at Valley Vista at his first joining.